Automation System Integrating Company

From development to manufacture consistently

We can develop, design (mechanical & electrical), and manufacture consistently and that we have large assembly factory. We are also good at custom-made development and design.

Technology and achievements accumulated in the spirit of Technology Based Company

We develop large-scale equipment such as newspaper printing presses in-house and provide design, manufacture and after-sales service.

In terms of mailroom equipment, newspaper conveyors have the largest share in Japan, and we are also developing automation equipment of plate making process for commercial printing.

We are also actively working on equipment that incorporates new technologies, such as automation equipment that uses articulated robots and automation equipment that features image analysis.


Production Facilities

We can develop, design, and manufacture with our large assembly factory consistently.

Final Assembly Shop  W20m×L52.5m×H16m

1st Machining Shop  W15m×L52.5m×H 8m

2nd Machining  Shop  W15m×L57.5m×H10m

Pre-assembly Shop  W15m×L57.5m×H12m

Appurtenance Assembly Shop  W16m×L69m×H9m

Business Connections

Overseas Business ConnectionsChina, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, etc.
Domestic Business ConnectionsAsahi Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, Mainichi Newspapers, Nikkei, Honda Motor, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries etc.

Market Share

Best sold 4×1 newspaper offset press in China
70% Market share of newspaper conveyor in Japan
50% Market share of newspaper plate making system in Japan
30% Market share of electric upsetter for engine valves in Japan

Appreciation Awards

2006“300 small & medium sized manufacturers supporting Japan’s blight future” from Minister of Economy
2008“Technical development encouragement prize 2007” from Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association
2018“Prize for Creativity” from Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
2018The 4th “Best Companies in Saga” from Saga pref.