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Rotary Machinery

super panoramic system

The Super Panorama System (SPS) is the world's first device that made it possible to produce a 4-page spread. In response to a variety of advertising demands, we appeal to readers with a powerful, ultra-wide page that cannot be expressed in other media.

Rubber Roller Stocker

Number of books stored
storage roller
Maximum shaft diameter φ70mm, maximum roller diameter φ165mm, maximum total length 2135mm, maximum weight 70kg
With full dustproof cover and manual opening/closing shutter
Safety device
Wall surface (fixing the main body using a fall prevention fitting from a beam, etc., safety mechanism to prevent roller unloading from a hook)

Paper storage/roll paper automatic conveyance system

Rolls of paper are transported and stocked from trucks to paper storage using an optimal system that combines hook hoists, roll unders, slat conveyors, turntables, etc. As an automatic transport system using a take-up cart from the paper warehouse to the rotary paper feed section, total control is realized by computer, from loading and unloading the rolls, inventory management, and the size and winding direction of the rolls.

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