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Always challenge new technology
Always challenge new technology
Taking on the challenge of higher-grade manufacturing
GAME BREW craft beer for hometown tax
■ Birth of local beer in Yoshinogari Town
GAME BREW was originally produced as "Phantom Brewery".
A phantom brewery is a brewery that does not have its own brewing equipment and brews beer on a contract basis.
Therefore, GAME BREW has been brewing and selling a variety of beers at breweries all over the country.
We have already sold countless products all over the country!

Then, in the fall of 2023, we set up our own brewing equipment on the premises of Saiken Graphics in Yoshinogari Town and made a fresh start as a brewery in Yoshinogari Town from Saga Prefecture!
From Yoshinogari Town, we bring you a variety of gem beers packed with the wisdom and technology of breweries from all over the country.

Seikengraphics Co., Ltd.

Saga Prefecture, Kanzaki District, Yoshinogari-cho, Yoshida 135
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