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Admission Information

Sales job recruitment

Company NameSeikengraphics Co., Ltd.
Job categorySales
Recruitment contents
The customer is an industrial equipment manufacturer. We procure ordered parts from Japan and overseas and supply them to our customers. This is a general sales position that involves developing new customers and proposing ways to improve productivity. In addition to sales skills, you will acquire skills in procurement, quality control, and cost control. You will also be able to develop an international mindset as you will be traveling to China, the source of procurement.
(Business description)
  • We select suppliers of parts and provide estimates based on customer specifications.
  • Make sales estimates for customers based on procurement prices.
  • After receiving an order, we order parts and manage delivery dates and quality.
  • Deliver procured parts to customers and manage sales.
  • Visit to business partners

【Qualification requirements】
Age: 45 years old or younger (reason for age restriction: To develop a career)
Education: No matter
Required experience, etc.: Not required
Required PC skills: Must be able to operate basic Excel, Word, etc.
Required license/qualification: Ordinary car driving license required
Employment status


Employment formNot dispatched / contracted
Employment periodNo fixed employment period

842-0031 Saga Prefecture, Kanzaki District, Yoshinogari-cho, Yoshida 135

10 minutes walk from Yoshinogari Koen Station

Passive smoking measures: Yes (no smoking indoors)
There is a smoking area outside

◆ Car commuting: Yes
Availability of parking lot: Yes

◆ Possibility of relocation: None
Trial periodYes 3 months
Working conditions Same conditions

Monthly wage 185,000Yen~ 250,000Yen

a + b (a + b + c if there is fixed overtime pay)
185,000 yen ~ 250,000 yen

Basic salary (a)
Basic salary (monthly average) or hourly amount
185,000 yen ~ 250,000 yen

Allowance paid on a fixed amount (b)

Fixed overtime pay (c)

Other allowances, etc. notes (d)
*Family allowance, housing allowance (paid according to company regulations)

Commuting allowance: Actual expenses paid (no upper limit)
*Payment will be made in accordance with internal regulations.
○If using public transportation, 6-month commuter pass paid twice a year
○Able to commute by private car. In that case, we will pay the actual cost of gasoline according to the number of miles you have declared.

Average number of working days per month: 20.8 days
Wage deadline: 20th of every month
Wage payment date: 30th of the current month

Salary increaseYes (results from previous year)
Salary increase amount / salary increase rate
0 yen to 14,300 yen per month (previous year results)

Starting in 2021, there will be a new personnel system in which each employee will set goals and increase their merit pay based on their level of achievement (based on their contribution to the company).
We do not have a system of regular salary increases.
April 2023 salary increase for all employees (average): 3,844 yen
BonusAvailable (Previous year results: Twice a year)
Bonus months for a total of 3.00 months (results of the previous year)
working time◆ Modified working hours system (1 year unit)
8:30 to 17:20

Special notes regarding working hours
* Break details: Lunch break 45 minutes, from 10am (5 minutes), from 3 pm (10 minutes)
*Telephone duty 17:20-8:30 (Only available by phone at home)
*From 6 months after joining the company, 1 time a month. Allowance: 2,000 yen/time.

◆ Overtime working hours
Yes Monthly average overtime hours 12 hours
Special provisions in the 36 Agreement Yes
Special circumstances, period, etc.
Busy season: up to 6 times up to 99 hours per month, up to 720 hours per year
*“Agreement with special provisions has been concluded (submitted to the supervisory office)”

◆Break time
60 minutes

◆ Number of annual holidays
115 days

◆ Holidays, etc.
Sundays, holidays, etc.
Two days a week, etc.
Based on the company calendar (including year-end and New Year holidays, Obon holidays, and Saturday work on holidays)

Annual paid leave is granted for up to 10 days at the start of employment.
(Subject to change depending on when you joined the company) You can also take paid time off.
Other working conditions, etc.Insurance coverage: employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance, health insurance, welfare pension, property accumulation savings
Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid: Enrollment
Retirement plan: Yes (over 3 year of service)
Corporate pension: none
Retirement system: Yes (uniformly 60 years old)
Re-employment system: Yes (up to age 65)
Extended work: None
Childcare Facilities Available: None
Selection, etc.Number of hires: 1
(Reason for recruitment: Increase in number of employees)
Selection method: Document screening, interview (scheduled once), etc.
Notification of results: Notification of document screening results within 4 days after arrival of documents, notification of interview screening results within 7 days after interview
Notification method: Postal mail, telephone, email
Date: Any time
Application documents, etc.: Curriculum vitae (photo attached), career history
Delivery method: Mail
Return of application documents: Returned after selection
Special notes regarding selection: After document screening, aptitude test (SPI) will be conducted. *Regarding the return of application documents, if the applicant declines the offer, we will dispose of them responsibly.
Person in charge: Kotaro Doi, Human Resources and General Affairs Department
Phone number 0952-52-8515
FAX 0952-52-8516

*Please contact us in advance and mail your application documents to the office.
We will inform you of the document screening results at a later date.
(If you have no work history, please contact us for a work history.)
*After passing the document screening, you will be required to take the Aptitude Test (SPI).
(If taking the test at home, it will take about 1 hour) We will make a comprehensive judgment based on the results of the aptitude test and the interview results.
Seikengraphics Co., Ltd.

Saga Prefecture, Kanzaki District, Yoshinogari-cho, Yoshida 135
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