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Automation Support

Robot SIer

Since our company's founding, we have been working with our customers to introduce robot systems in response to a variety of manufacturing site issues, from optimal software development to handling development tailored to the workpiece.

Furthermore, in recent years, we have incorporated IoT and AI technologies, optimized production processes that span multiple factories (including our own and other companies), and automated visual inspections that were difficult to perform without human intervention. We are also working on the development of a robot system.

We provide an integrated service that is our strength, from pre-implementation consulting to post-implementation maintenance and troubleshooting.

Numerical control system upsetter for engine valves

In the process of manufacturing engine valves, this is a device that applies a large current to a thin round rod material to perform primary forming into a candy ball shape (dango) before pressing into an umbrella shape.

All necessary condition settings for upsetter molding have been digitized, making molding adjustment work that previously relied on skilled workers easier.

Uniquely developed feedback control prevents changes in molded shape during continuous molding, unlike conventional electric upsetters.

By adopting a special hydraulic servo for the hydraulic system, the ECO structure uses only about 8 liters of hydraulic oil, with little change in oil temperature and minimal impact on the molded shape.

AC servo drive is also used for the movement of the anvil (forging table), which provides a high degree of freedom in controlling the forming shape and can also be used with special materials such as NCF materials.

Forged product automation line

This is an automated device that quickly transports the workpiece formed by the numerically controlled upsetter to the forging press and performs a series of operations from forging to removal.

Consisting of an upsetter, high-speed conveyor, press loader/unloader, and release agent injection device, this system controls everything up to the forging press and produces forged products of stable quality without waste.

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