The newspaper printing process is roughly divided into three processes: a process of making printing plates by applying the configured page data to a rotary press, a process of printing a newspaper, and a mailroom process of transporting the printed newspaper to trucks for delivery. We have a lineup of products for all processes.

We have endeavored to develop and commercialize various peripheral devices, including rotary presses, which are the core of printing lines in the newspaper and printing fields. There are only three manufacturers of rotary presses for newspaper printing in Japan, and there are great expectations from related companies as a maximum scale, state-of-the-art offset press mass production factory in Kyushu, Japan. Today, we are working on creating a printing environment that meets the needs for high-quality and labor-saving printing from both hardware and software perspectives. In the field of rotary presses, we have developed various offset press such as 4×1 Seiken 65 press and Seiken 85 (HAYABUSA) press that can reduce running cost, and 2×1 Seiken 36 (CITYPRESS) press developed for local newspaper companies. Those presses have received high praise in the domestic and overseas markets.


Newspaper Offset Press

We always stand from the user’s point of view and produce newspaper rotary presses that achieve both low cost and high quality. Starting with the best-selling 4×1 press Seiken 65, which boasts a delivery record of more than 60 towers worldwide, Seiken 85, which has achieved high speed, high quality, and automation, and Seiken 77, low-cost 4×1 press for overseas markets, and Seiken 36, which has achieved high cost performance and reliability for local newspaper companies. We place importance on running costs and have a lineup of compact 4×1 rotary presses. We also offer a simple and high-quality split-arm reelstand, SR50 Trimotor.

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Press Related Equipment

Attracted worldwide attention, we manufacture the super panorama system (SPS) which enables powerful ultra-wide paper advertisements that can only be expressed in the newspapers, and rubber roller stockers that have many sales records and are stable and maintenance-free. We also provide a variety of reelstands and paper storage related equipment that make use of our abundant newspaper printing know-how.

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Plate Making System

Improving register accuracy has always been an issue in the newspaper industry. With the trend of rotary presses becoming 4×1, the demand for printing plate accuracy has become stricter. Our view control punch & bender reads the register marks drawn with the pattern on the CTP setter with a high-precision camera, and reliably reproduces the required punch accuracy and plate bending accuracy. We also have equipment that can meet the needs of our customers, such as multi-type and multi-type A that can handle two types of plate bending, and various plate storage devices.

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Mailroom System

With the rapid progress of diversification, sophistication, and multicolor printing, there are strict demands on the transport equipment for printed paper. Our main product, Single-Grip Conveyor CSG Mark III, has been highly evaluated in terms of both rationalization and productivity improvement of the mailroom departments for our abundant experience. From rotary presses to mailroom and truck gates, we aim to provide a more efficient environment in the fields of transport and delivery, and by engaging in information gathering, research and developing new products, we will be able to help you.

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