Single-Grip Conveyor CSG Mark III

Waste Copy Processing System at Pickup StationCopy Ejection Free Roller Conveyor, Foldable Copy Ejection Receiver, Copy Ejection Conveyor with Copy Rack, Electric Copy Ejection Rack
Intermediate Waste Copy Processing SystemCopy Ejection Chute + Waste Copy Basket, EHS (Batch-type Waste Copy Processing Device with / without Pusher), New EHS (Batch-type Horizontal Feed Halfway Stoppable Waste Copy Processing Device)
Waste Copy Processing System at Final Drop StationElectric Copy Ejection Rack
OthersSU Feeder (Good Copy Transport Device), Gripper Cleaner

Bundle Conveyor

From counter stackers to truck gates, we propose a total system to meet the complicated demands of mailrooms. By standardizing the equipment, it is possible to achieve the optimum layout at low cost, and also realize labor saving automation.