Super Panorama System

The Super Panorama System (SPS) is the world’s first device that makes it possible to produce 4-page spread pages. In response to various advertising demands, it appeals to readers with a powerful ultra-wide paper that cannot be expressed by other media.

Rubber Roller Stocker

Quantity of roller storage20 pcs to 60 pcs
Roller Spec.Max. shaft diameter φ70㎜, Max. roller diameter φ165㎜,
Max. roller length 2135mm, Max. roller weight 70kg
Cover, SlotDust Protection Cover & Manual Open/Close Shutter
Safety DeviceFall Preventive Fitting on the wall (beam), Fall Preventive Safety Mechanism of Rollers

Automatic Roll Storage, Transport System

The paper rolls are transferred from the trucks to the paper roll storage with the optimum system by combining hoist hooks, roll unders, slat conveyors, turntables, etc. As an automatic transport system, it can achieve total management of paper rolls on the trolleys from the paper roll storage to the reelstands, incoming/outcoming of the paper rolls, inventory control, and the size and winding direction of the paper rolls by computer.