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OEM Services (formerly Seiken Trading)

About OEM service

Our sales staff will assist you throughout the process, from technical meetings, ordering, manufacturing, inspection, delivery, and after-sales follow-up. By simply contacting our sales staff, customers can quickly respond to everything from understanding the production status to after-sales follow-up.

Engineering Sales

"To those in charge of parts procurement, do you have any problems?"

Cost and quality are always concerns when procuring parts.
That's why you need a good confidant who can stand in the same position and solve problems quickly.
Our sales staff are professionals who originally handled parts procurement at our parent company, Seikengraphics.
We aim to solve problems together with our customers, taking into consideration costs and delivery times, and sometimes providing technical consultation on manufacturing methods and other issues.

Technical Power

Veteran technical staff with manufacturing knowledge and experience travel to overseas partner companies to provide direct guidance to staff. This is an initiative unique to our company, which has a strong commitment to engineering.
In addition to inspecting the quality of finished parts, we also provide detailed explanations of processing procedures, measurement methods, etc., which not only improves the technical skills of our overseas staff, but also enables us to reproduce customer requests at a high level as products.

Product Examples

Through cooperation with overseas factories, our company specializes in manufacturing parts in small quantities with a wide variety of products, and we receive inquiries and orders from many customers. We can handle everything from small to large parts, such as small processed parts, large processed parts, large welded structures, canned sheet metal products, and cast parts.Customers who handle a large number of parts are welcome to contact us.

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